Rewriting the rebate handbook.

You want your rebates to be managed accurately, whether you are offering rebates to your buyers or ensuring that you receive the correct rebates for your purchases.

We are just as determined.

At e-bate, we’ve married client-centric process and an advanced technology-powered rebate management solution with strategic advice from rebate professionals. Our team have implemented into some of the world’s leading brands.

Our knowledge is what makes us stand out.

We configure our platform to you. It’s your processes and performance goals that determine how e-bate is configured. It’s not a one model fits all. We set you up to get the best possible outcomes. You won’t go back.

Real time calculation engine pink

Real time calculation engine

Batch processing and manual solutions can create a long delay.

But the e-bate calculation engine processes your data against your agreements in real time, giving you immediate results.

e-bate processes and updates your data instantly – so as soon as it’s received the newest version is in play – giving you immediate results and removing the need for manual intervention.

The e-bate platform will ensure you have real time, accurate purchase and rebate amounts to manage your cash flow and to negotiate future commercial agreements with confidence. This leads to incentivised and loyal Buyers, whilst helping you reduce the total cost of sales.

"e-bate applied professional and thorough assessment of our old system and have developed the ideal automated solution. The savings in man hours and problem solving are huge. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to other businesses."

Moses Tan
Sales Manager
Exceptional Reporting pink

Exceptional Reporting

With a flexible dashboard and reporting module, e-bate gives you full control to publish reports your way.

With user specific dashboards which can be configured to meet the needs of each role, e.g. Finance, Commercial and Rebate Analyst.

Widgets and dashboards are generated in the Enhanced Reporting Module, giving you real time visibility of the information you need.

e-bate’s Enhanced Reporting Module allows you to create flexible reports quickly and easily.

  • Flexible dashboards help you see emerging issues
  • Identify high-priority, problem areas with ease
  • Track performance trends of suppliers and customers
  • Track activity levels, costs and other key performance indicators (KPIs) for each team
Configurable and flexible pink

Configurable and flexible

Customisation to suit your business is perceived to be an expensive addition to implementing the rebate management solution.

But we see it as essential – no longer are you stuck with someone else’s process or terminology. Now you can use your own.

Imagine a future where you don’t have to go back to the platform developer for expensive changes.

Configured to suit your business needs, this cuts out the need for bespoke customisation, which reduces the cost of ownership.

From terminology to workflows, we have designed e-bate to be flexible and configurable – for each individual client.

Easy to use interface pink

Easy to Use Interface

We have designed the user interface with you in mind: intuitive and able to deliver on the features that ensure you spend less time managing spreadsheets and more time analysing data to make better decisions and drive customer behaviour. Older rebate solutions and spreadsheets are not user friendly, but our solution simplifies the whole process.

"e-bate is an intuitive application which allows us to manage our complex rebates with ease and simplicity. It is so much quicker than our manual solution and is easy to use which assisted the implementation."

Stuart Henderson
Commercial Finance Manager
Eliminate Excel pink

Eliminate spreadsheets

Spreadsheet data is static and only provides a snapshot in time, whilst the manipulation of data is complex and prone to human error.

e-bate automates the process in an auditable and controlled way, providing you with the ability to be proactive.

"Our rebate validation process has been improved significantly thanks to the e-bate team."

Peter O’Shaughnessy
Associate Director Financial Planning & Analysis
Portal for suppliers and customers pink

Portal for suppliers and customers

Our Customer Portals enable you to share sensitive, key information with your Suppliers or Buyers.

Opening up e-bate across your supply chain encourages best practices and proactive behaviours. Keeping everyone on the same page reduces queries and extensive validation.

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How we helped Bridgestone

e-bate provided increased visibility with all agreements available for review in a single source, which were digitally accepted by the customer.

All agreements have a full audit trail, with every change recorded.

The automated approval process reduced processing from weeks/days to hours/minutes. With output files to SAP, less manual intervention was required, with improved accuracy.

All trade agreements were consistent within an agreed legal framework, leading to best practice. e-bate ensured greater transparency, mitigated risk and provided protection for both the customer and the business.

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