Case study

Pharmaceutical giant automates rebate validation

Merck & Co Inc, produced the first tuberculosis vaccine in 1944 and continues to bring a number of pioneering medicines in areas such as heart disease and cancer. As the healthcare needs of the world evolves, so does their pipeline within the UK, making forward investments in areas such as dementia and antimicrobial resistance. MSD has offices in 140 countries and aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people and animals around the world.

The Challenge

MSD UK had a complex spreadsheet that was being used to validate all rebate claims manually. The sheet was close to reaching the limited of Excel’s capability and had a high risk of failure.

The spreadsheet was not linked with any other system and was built and maintained by one person. Rebate validation turnaround was very slow, seriously affecting the whole process.

As with all spreadsheet solutions, there was no accountability or control. Manual intervention was required – constantly.

The Solution

The e-bate calculation engine, together with a bespoke front end, provided a complete and automated end-to-end platform that worked alongside the existing ERP system (SAP). The claims validation module compared claims received from distributors against deals saved on the system. This allowed exceptions to be spotted immediately and resolved.

The flexible reporting enabled enhanced reporting to be provided, together with dashboards for real time performance and task management.

The Results

Instant rebate validation significantly reduced the turnaround time of solving queries.

Full control over data quality and accuracy could be relied upon with little to no manual intervention required. This meant deals were maintained more effectively and provided greater transparency, with a reduction in risk for the business.

The risks associated with a single person maintaining the process were completely removed and e-bate provided fully auditable solutions that could generate the right reports at the touch of a button

Import data from over 20 different sources
330 Rebate Deals
£ 0 m
£22m per month in rebate claims

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