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Rebates in Construction

The construction sector faces challenges that create complexities, resulting in increasing amounts of product being sold not only directly, but also through distribution channels.

With a supply chain that sees price fluctuations in materials, costs are difficult to manage while concurrently keeping your products profitable.

As a result, automating and efficiently managing rebate agreements and deals for processes such as rebates, claims, incentives and pricing are critical to the success and profitability of businesses in the Construction industry supply chain.

Solutions from e-bate work across construction manufacturers, distributors and buying groups, providing you with a single source of data to ensure your rebate programmes operate effectively and deliver your business results and maximise margin.

e-bate can manage both buyer and supplier rebates in a single solution.


Ensure you are buying effectively and meeting targets with your suppliers to maximise your rebate claims. Track in real time and automate claim calculations.


Calculate, track, manage and analyse rebates that drive revenue and incentivise buyers to procure more from you, whilst maintaining net prices.


Negotiate any type of incentive from rebates, discounts, bonuses, commissions, fees, licensing, free of charge, one offs and promotional.


Centrally store and digitally sign to provide full visibility across the supply chain.


Automatically validate 3rd party claims or supplier payments, protecting your margin.

Provide insights as to how your rebate agreements are performing and measure gross to net profitability.

Revolutionising the rebate process

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Chris McHale

Head of Operations

From QA Engineer and Software Developer to Researcher and Senior Technologist, our Head of Operations, Chris, has many years of experience in the technology sector.  

As Head of Operations at e-bate, Chris manages the DevOps and support teams, whilst looking after the IT and Facilities too.

Chris doesn’t just get his kicks from sorting out everything operational, he also makes hand-made leather wallets using his leatherworks skills, and enjoys a spot of archery, gaming, reading, and going to the movies! With a wife, 2 kids, 2 cats and a dog, we’re not sure how he fits it all in…!